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Carers on Call Fee Structure

CARERS ON CALL caters for all caregiving time based needs from short term of a partial day, day or night shift care, to semi-permanent ‘live-in’ or ‘stay-in’ 24 hour services which can include on-going, more permanent monthly service.

CARERS ON CALL offers 3 types of service.

  1. SHIFT SERVICES – Day shift of 11 hours from 7am to 6pm or night shift of 13 hours from 6pm to 7am and with rotational day and night shift services can provide 24 hour care for the more intense service requirements.
  2. FLEXI-SHIFT SERVICES – This service is designed for those requiring a carer for shorter shift times and is either a 4 hour or 7 hour shift period. This may be useful if a carer is required to accompany an aged person, for example, to the theatre or daytime event and is available anytime between 8am to 11pm.
  3. LIVE-IN or STAY-IN –Provides 24 hour care access where the carer lives in and will sleep on the premises. This service is ideal for those who may require assistance to the toilet once or twice during the night. For those requiring full time care throughout the night, shift services are more suited as a carer will be on full time duty both day and night.

Our rates are based on a minimum of 4 hour shift or day and night shift cycles and is irrespective of care service requirements. Live-in services are based on fixed monthly rates.


  • Rates are available on request. Shift care is charged on a per shift basis while ‘live-in’ or ‘stay-in’ services are considered long term and are charged at a fixed monthly rate or part thereof if less than a month.
  • Invoicing may be in advance or on completion of the service depending on the service requested.
  • For services to be invoiced on completion, an upfront deposit will be required, which will be deducted from the final invoice.


  • Travel charges are generally not applicable and is deemed to be included in the standard rates. However, should the place where the service is required to be rendered, be in a geographical position considered to be excessively far, a public commuter travel fee may be requested. This cost will be determined prior to the service rendered.
  • For clients wishing a carer to accompany them on holiday etc., all carers travel costs are for clients account.
  • For clients requesting a flexi-service at a time when public transport is not available (late at night), the client will be requested to ensure the carers safe passage home either by Uber or similar recognised transport system.


  • If a carer is required to use their own car to transport a client or go to the shop on behalf of the client, petrol costs are calculated at a per kilometre rate plus a basic daily rate. More information is available on request.
As noted, CARERS ON CALL is not a nursing agency and is not covered by Medical Aid. All accounts are to be settled in full by the client responsible for payment and is due on date of invoice.